Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Coffee morning

In Brunei, us "ladies of leisure" used to meet a lot more at each others houses, both for drinks, dinners, BBQs but also coffee mornings. Mostly I guess because there just wasn't enough nice places to go for coffee, you quickly ran out of options.

Here it is a different story. I have actually not been to many of my friends houses, as we mostly always meet out. Both because there are so many nice coffee and lunch places here, but also because there are actual MALLS here, so it's easier to meet there - while you do a spot of shopping maybe..!

Anyhow, I felt like getting some girls together for a good old coffee morning at my house again, last time was before Christmas so it had certainly been a while. Today I invited a group of Swedish friends, and four of the girls came over this morning, for some homebaked 'fika' and chit-chat.

And no, my friend Linda didn't eat all the cake... she's due to have a little baby in just two weeks! Very exciting!

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