Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Fab five days

We've had our last visitors for the season this weekend, the Wallace-Scotts from Brunei. Andrew has been stopping in a couple of times previously on his trips to London, but it's taken Anna well over two years to make it so it was a hugely anticipated visit!

They arrived in the early hours of Thursday, so after a bit of a sleep, they were ready to take on what Abu Dhabi has to offer. Obviously we started with the mall..! Deli lunch and a spot of shopping at Yas Mall - a must first happening for any visitor from Brunei!

In the afternoon, they wanted to check out the box I used when I first came over, and went to CrossFit. So I signed them up for a MetCon session. Nathan and I came along - and watched! (I had done Zumba already in the morning, so was quite happy just spectating!)
Here they are, all happy, before the WOD:

And after, still smiling but slightly more "glowing"!

In the evening we had a quiet dinner at home, as we were pacing ourselves for our big day on the Friday, where we had a lush Friday Brunch booked in! A good first day!

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