Monday, 2 May 2016

An unexpected encounter

At the Walpurgis celebrations on Saturday I spotted a lady that looked a bit familiar. I kept staring at her but I couldn't place her, so I thought maybe she just looked like someone on TV or something. I couldn't quite shake the familiar feeling about her, and all of a sudden it hit me - she looked like the girlfriend of one of Nathan's old collegues from Sterling. I just couldn't piece it together, as she was from Austria - what would she be doing at the Swedish Church?
I texted Nathan to see if he could remember her name, and when he said that they now live in Dubai I thought, well then yes maybe, it could be her..?

After the ceremony I approached her, and yes - it was Anna! How funny!
It took her a little while to click who I was, but then we had a nice chat. She speaks perfect Swedish after having lived with Per in Sweden for many years, so even though he was at work she had decided to take their boys to this Walpurgis Celebration.
I believe last time we actually saw each other was at our wedding (a mere 14 years ago...), but it shouldn't be that difficult to catch up soon again, as they are only a few hours down the road!

She hadn't changed much to be honest, here's now:

And here's a photo from our wedding:

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