Monday, 23 May 2016

All downhill for the last month

Linnea had an extra day off on Thursday as when they do the Student Led Conferences, the students are only supposed to come to school for their assigned time slot. Hers wasn't until 2pm, so she had the whole day with me before that.
Yesterday both kids were home from school, as it was a teachers only day at RIS - and tomorrow it's Lucas' turn to be home, after only going to do his Student Led Conference at 8am.

Add to that the start of Ramadan in another two weeks, with school days by then and for the last four weeks getting reduced to only 5 hours between 8.30am-1.30pm... it certainly feels like school is already winding down big time.

Anyhow, it was nice with some extra time off this weekend. Nathan was away working, of course (I don't think he has had a weekend off since February!), so the kids and I were on our own.
On Friday we went to an open day at the Ritz Carlton Hotel. As I wrote in a previous post, getting a swim in could be a costly affair here, so better make the most of it when opportunities like this arise.

We also managed to squeeze in a play date for Lucas, and a sleepover here - with pizza night!

Saturday I went to the gym in the morning (oh yes!), and later in the afternoon we went to Yas Mall to watch the new 'Angry Bird' movie. Kids liked it, but I actually didn't think it was a movie you need to see in the cinema.

We saw a poster for a familiar story though - 'Pettson and Findus', how funny, a Swedish movie here in the UAE! It's a shame our kids are a little bit too old for it.

Yesterday after I'd had a Zumba class in the early morning, and Nathan was back from work; we decided to do something different and actually went to the beach, Yas Beach. Lucas hadn't been since they revamped the whole thing. They've done it up really nice, even added a couple of swimming pools. We all enjoyed a few hours there in the nice weather. Both kids found friends to play with, and Nathan and I enjoyed the subtle but somewhat cooling breeze, it was a perfect day at the beach!

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