Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Shake it! Groove it!

It took me a while to find somewhere to teach Zumba here when I first arrived. In January I did start up a class, but unfortunately it didn't work out as I couldn't stay at the venue where we were.
A friend and fellow instructor backed up my application to the chain Fitness First (they only hire on recommendation from their current instructors) back in June - and finally two weeks ago... I got my Fitness First ID and could start teaching in their many clubs around Abu Dhabi!

Fitness First is is a global brand that originated in the UK 17 years ago; one of the world’s leading health and fitness chains, with over 380 clubs in more than 15 countries. We have four clubs here in Abu Dhabi, and there are 61 Fitness First clubs in the Middle East.

I haven't got my own slot, I currently operate as a cover instructor; but man, have I been busy since I started! Basically, I could teach every day if I wanted to, but with my otherwise busy schedule (or should I say, the KIDS' otherwise busy schedule...), it has only been about 2-3 times a week so far.
It's so much fun, and I'm so lucky to still have Zumba in my life. It's making me happy and I'm making a lot of new friends, plus it keep me fit and strong too!

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