Friday, 25 December 2015

Special friendships

It's been nearly two years since we left the Abode of Peace, but it'll always be a place very close to our hearts, for many reasons, maybe mostly as that's where the kids spent most of their childhood.

It also seems like Brunei was a good growing ground for long lasting friendships. The day before we left for Thailand I got to hang out with this little firecracker, my friend Maria:

Maria has also left Brunei and now lives in Kota Kinabalu, although she is Bruneian, so goes back to visit her friends and family regularly. That week while doing a family holiday in Dubai, they decided to spend a day in Abu Dhabi - and she got the afternoon off while the rest of the family were at Ferrari World; so we got to catch up for a quick lunch.

Time and distance apart just doesn't seem to matter with good friends!
So lovely to see you!

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