Sunday, 27 December 2015

Christmas Day 2015

Nathan went off to work in the evening of Christmas Day, but we were lucky to get to spend Christmas morning together, which is all that matters really - at least for the kiddos!

You notice on their wish lists that the kids are growing up. The lists are getting shorter each year, but with more and more expensive stuff on them...
We think they both did rather well this year though, they both got most of the things they had wished for - Pandora, books, t-shirts, All Blacks things, computer games, Nerf stuff etc.

A NZ 'Minties'-charm from Grandma!

Someone also got his most treasured wish - a phone. Finally. (Probably the last one of his friends to get one...)
We have always told the kids that they wouldn't get phones at any specific age, but rather when there would be a need for them. There is certainly a need now, when we are starting to give them more freedom than before, so it was time.

Daddy got a carefully chosen new friend, ha ha!

Even Oakley got some presents!

 Merry Christmas to all!

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