Thursday, 10 December 2015

Additions of 2015

I'm very traditional when it comes to my Christmas tree decorations. I certainly don't change colour scheme of my tree every year, or jump on any new trends or fashions - quite the opposite.
I have an ever growing collection of ornaments that I add to each year. I especially like buying new decorations when we go on trips, as special souvenirs. It brings back memories of each trip or experience and each year when I bring the decorations out to dress the tree I get to reminisce.

Here are the new additions of 2015:

I got two new baubles in NZ in March, the red one with the NZ Christmas flower, the 'Puhutukawa', and the white one with the kiwi bird. I got the wooden squirrel from Sweden and obviously, the middle bauble in the photo was bought just recently, in Madrid.
The 'Hand of Fatima' and the golden shisha were both bought in Dubai on a Christmas market just recently, and the ornament from Iceland is a gift from our American friends, who stopped over there on their Xmas trip back home last year.

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