Saturday, 26 December 2015

A Spanish-Japanese-NZ-Australian-Swedish day in Phuket Old Town

One day, we did actually leave the hotel!
We took a taxi down to the Phuket Old Town to meet up with some other happy vacation people that had come to Phuket from Bangkok and Singapore - the Ferans and the Roses!

The Roses came to see us in June, but we hadn't seen the Ferans since we left Brunei. You really start to feel old when you let out "Oh my, those kids have grown!"...

We meet up at this quirky café called China Inn, for some afternoon drinks:

Then we managed to squeeze in a little tiny bit of shopping (well, only bought a Xmas tree decoration!) on our walk to the restaurant:

Some enjoyed the shopping a little bit less than others:

Made a pit stop on the way, for some more refreshments:

Pete established that it has now finally happened, Lucas has grown taller than Misuzu!

In the evening we had dinner in this cool tree house restaurant called 'Natural Restaurant':

What a great afternoon and evening, such good timing that we all were in Thailand at the same time!

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