Wednesday, 9 December 2015


(Ssccchhh, don't tell our dog trainer, but today Oakley and I had a puppy play date on the beach..!)

The trainer that hosts the puppy school we go to, is adamant that our puppies don't need to socialize with other dogs, as they first and foremost need to learn how to behave around humans. She says that we will never gain total loyalty from our dogs, unless we are the most fun thing/person in their life - and if the dog gets to play with other dogs... you have lost out, as you can never be as fun as another dog friend..!

Well, the lady that fostered Oakley from the beginning, also goes to the same training with one of the sibling puppies, that she decided to keep. She is also still fostering another sister, and the mum (she's a star!) - and one of her neighbours who have adopted one of the brothers, also come to the same training.
We decided to rebel, and met up for the dogs to play this morning!

It was quite a gang down at the beach! Apart from the three dogs from the same family, Antje also has an older dog; and Mags have three dogs all together:

Here's Oakley in the middle with Lara, Sam and Zina - his three siblings:

It was a lovely morning, the dogs did indeed have so much fun playing and running around together. I do believe that dogs also learn behavior from each other; and need some doggy play too, not all just human play.
So there, once everyone is back from holidays, we will continue letting the siblings meet up and have more fun! Sssccchhh!

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