Wednesday, 27 May 2015

UFOs in Singapore

I'm sorry the blog has been a bit quiet (again) the past few days. It's because I have been out of the country on a bit of girls weekend! Yay, lucky me!
On Saturday I took the morning flight to Singapore, well maybe not so much "morning"... It departed at about 11 am and it took most of the day - 7 hrs 40 min. I tried to make time go faster by watching several movies, whilst enjoying some champagne, but I must admit - it was loooong. I really am not used to traveling on my own without any kids to keep in order!

In Singapore I was staying the first night with Sofia, a friend of mine, that I had never met!
Yes, this was the first time we met in real life, but I actually know her really well and we talk nearly every day! You see, we are both part of this internet network for Swedish mums abroad, and we "meet" and chat online, most days. I have mentioned this network a few times before, as it has been a huge part of my life for the last 13 years. We are a huge support to each other, through thick and thin. It really is rather special.
(We call us UFOs, from the original name of the group: UtlandsFöräldrar. And also because that's often how we feel when we are back "home" in Sweden!)

Anyway, here's two snaps of us two Swedish mums in Singapore - one from the very late evening we spent drinking tea and talking until 2 am, and one from the following day before I left to go into town to continue my weekend.

Thank you for your hospitality Sofia!

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  1. Utlandsföräldrar låter intressant! Vilken webaddress har den?