Sunday, 17 May 2015

Game on!

Even though we miss our "old life" far more than we thought we would, we keep adding to the list of "things-that-we-could-not-do-in-Brunei" as well. Like going to Robbie Williams concerts, attending an International Book Fair and go paintballing, to name a few!

Yesterday afternoon a quick coffee date turned into an afternoon adventure at the Al Forsan Sports Resort. They offer all sorts of fun activities there, like go-karting, shooting ranges, horse riding, waterskiing etc. But the boys were all set on some paintballing!
Lucas and Lukas:

Black team and Red team:

Getting a quick briefing on how to use the marker, and about the rules inside the arena:

So with suits, breast plates and masks on, they needed the final piece of the puzzel, the marker!

The game was going to be "Capture the flag". This was Linnea and Maddy's first time paintballing, I'm not quite sure they knew entirely what they were getting themselves in for...
Teams making game plans:

They played for 15 minutes inside this huge dome. The arena itself is within a big net, so even if you are not part of the game you can participate by cheering on, safely from behind the net.

I'm not quite sure we had a winner in the end, I think the boys got the other team flag at some point. We had some (expected) tears from the girls, and quite a few war wounds and bruises all around after from where the bullets had hit..! But did they have fun?? OH YES!!! (Next time Mummy is coming shooting too!)

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  1. Lovely photos. Warm greetings from Montreal, Canada. :)