Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Lucas' Grade 5 Exhibition

So after eight long weeks of team work, last night we were invited to school to the presentation of this years Grade Five Exhibition. It's a HUGE thing, and the last big piece of work the Grade 5s do before they leave Junior School.
Lucas had been working in a team with three of his friends, to research bullying:

The kids had covered a lot of different topics; smoking, smoking & sleep, animal cruelty, gaming addiction, cancer, recycling, hacking, fire safety, cultural awareness, healthy food and much, much more.

They presented their projects in the gym, and after we had walked around for a bit and been invited to hear more about many different things - it was time for the artistic presentations, in the library.
These were done in many different ways, by showing iMovies, slideshows, playing sketches, dancing etc.
Lucas group chose to sing a rap! (You can see the movie of it here).

It was great to see all these kids with such confidence, standing up in front of a whole room full of adults, and present themselves and their research in such a manner. Well done Grade Five!

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