Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Horrid homework

I'm not sure who dreads the homework sessions most in this family, the kids or the parents...
Linnea's homework is still fairly light. She usually gets through her homework on her own, in one afternoon or two, with minimal assistance from us. Lucas' homework is a different story...

He has so much homework, and it takes so much time! It's also rather comprehensive, and sometimes quite complicated and demanding. Luckily this week Nathan was home to help with the maths, because I don't understand even Grade 5 maths assignments!

The IB system seems to work well with our kids, but the homework is a pain. I don't think we even had homework at all at this age when we were kids??
I really don't agree that homework takes up to 2 hours a day sometimes. We struggle to fit in any  sport sessions and have had to cut back on the kids' after-school activities. There just isn't time to pursue much sport, fitness or music; actually there isn't much time left in the day at all after homework and dinner etc, to just be kids.

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  1. We're at an IB school too! Yes, we have a lot of homework too, I agree, it is too early. Kids should be allowed to be kids.