Sunday, 25 January 2015

A magical last night

We have a tradition when we visit Mormor and Morfar in Sweden during the summer holidays, that on the last evening before our departure, Morfar does a magic show for us. (My Dad is a magician by trade). The kids love it and really look forward to it, and it's always a hit.
For Christmas and his birthday Lucas got a few magic tricks of his own; and on their last night here this time, Morfar revealed some of his magic secrets and taught Lucas (well, and Linnea, nothing escapes her!) how to do these tricks.

Now, Lucas needs to practice, practice, practice and practice... to be able to perform them seamlessly. Practice and practice again, something that might require a bit more time and effort than he is prepared to put in... He just wants it to work - now! Hm, I don't know where our son has got this impatient personality from?!? :o

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