Saturday, 24 January 2015

Dubai Miracle Garden

Today we drove to Dubai to visit the 'Dubai Miracle Garden'.
It's a one of a kind in the region, and in the world, a unique display of flowers. It has more than 45 million blooming flowers in stunning designs, awesome shapes and structures, and over 45 different flower varieties and colours.

Dubai Miracle Garden was first opened in February 2013, and closed again in May the same year for expansion. The new phase opened in November 2013, and it's currently the first phase of development, providing facilities including amongst other things free parking, sitting areas, restaurants, toilets etc. The second phase will later include a butterfly garden, an aromatic garden and an international garden.

It was absolutely beautiful, such colour! So many flowers, and so many innovative ways of displaying them! Even though it was difficult getting photos without too many other people in them (weekend here today), we took hundreds! Prepare for a photo bomb, I couldn't choose..!

Covering an area of 72,000 sqm, and with a total of 4 km pathways - we had a lot to see and admire! Flower pyramids, water bodies, flower-decked cars; flowers in the shape of hearts, stars, layers, flower tunnels, floral arch pathways, flower lamps, flower boats etc. Marigold, calendula and petunia flowers, all new to the region, to mention a few.

This floral clock measures 13 meters in diameter, all made out of real plants and flowers:

We had lunch at the garden too. This is the roof over the food court area:

Apparently they change the design of the garden twice a year, so I can see we will have to go back again next time Mormor and Morfar come over, too see what's new! 
If you are keen on seeing more from this amazing place, check out this video:


  1. Wow, that is a miracle - how does it grow in the heat and strong sun?! Beautiful!

  2. Lovely Pics! :)
    Abu Dhabi has some of the best and most comprehensive outdoor facilities in the country.