Sunday, 30 March 2014

The Beast

So, this morning our car was ready for collection, finally. We've nicknamed it 'The Beast'. It's huuuge!

There was a bit of briefing involved before we could take it away. It has quite a few specs on it we didn't have on our previous Toyota. Like remote start of the engine, automatic opening and closing of the boot, and automatic folding of the rear seats; it automatically turns off the airbag in the passenger seat if there is a little person, sonar warning system all the way around and a camera for reverse parking etc, etc.

As it's my car, I got the keys!

The interior is very roomy. There is even a fridge in the center console! It has lots and lots of little storage compartments, I like!

Kids loved it too, they have individual screens where they can watch DVDs, play video games or connect and listen to their iPods. They sat very comfortably and could see very well out of the windows, we like riding high.

It also has a built in GPS which of course will be a big help for me when I start driving around. Although it didn't quite agree with us straight away we managed to get it to find our first destination - the Marina Mall.

My Beast! ♥

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