Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Raha International School

After their assessments, the kids were offered places in both the schools we had looked at. After much deliberation, we decided on going with the Raha International School. We were there today to pay the school fees, so now they are officially RIS students.

Well, they will have to wait to join their new friends until after the spring break. RIS starts their holiday this Friday, and they go back again on the 13th of April. So that means our kids are having a whole month off at the moment...

I really liked the feel of the school when we got the tour of it the other day. They have 800 students in their Junior School, a pretty big school, with four classes in each grade. Since it's an American system Linnea will go into Grade 2, and Lucas into Grade 4. RIS is an IB school, and has been so since it was established so they have a lot of experience with it, and we think the IB approach will suit our kids quite well.

Another thing that appealed to me is that ALL communication from the school is made via an app you install on your phone, tablet and/or computer. You use that to find all the newsletters, the kids' homework, important information and other things you need to know.
Finally, a paperless communication system that seems to work!

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  1. Vi gillar faktiskt stora skolor, med många klasser! Det är vad barnen är vana vid från USA och den brittiska skolan i Madrid med bara två klasser i varje årskurs kändes för liten...