Wednesday, 26 March 2014

BIG day

So, yesterday was a big day for us! Only a week after we arrived: all our shipping finally arrived (it took a while to clear customs, it had been in the country since last Saturday) AND all our furniture from IKEA!
The shipping came first:

 Then the BIG IKEA truck came with all the furniture we had bought at IKEA!

Lucky for us, the don't just deliver for free, they mount it for you too! Although the process of mounting your own furniture can be rather satisfying, I was glad the IKEA crew was here, for all these 125 (!) packages..! Here's one of the guys in Lucas' room:

And another one in the master bedroom, working on our wardrobes:

We couldn't quite help ourselves, we did a little bit too! But only the easy stuff!

In the end there was lots and lots of rubbish... Lucky they took all of it with them when they went too! Another team has just arrived today, to finish off what they didn't have time to do yesterday. Then I can start attacking the moving boxes!

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