Sunday, 30 March 2014

Settling in

Linnea has really enjoyed taking part in the whole settling in process. She has been very active in choosing her furniture, she has helped unpacking boxes (mostly her own...) and she has organized everything very nicely in her room. Both her clothes in her cupboard, her toys, but mostly the things on her desk. She just loves her new desk.
It's really nice to see that she is enjoying keeping her room tidy, and how much she is enjoying all her new furniture and her new room. It's not quite done yet, still a few more little things missing, and another toy shelf, but she already spends a lot of time just pottering around up there.

Both kids have lost a tooth each since we've been here! First Lucas the other day, and it took the Tooth Fairy unfortunately about two days to catch on that he had a tooth in a glass next to his bed (...), and then Linnea while we were out at a restaurant on the weekend. But by then the Tooth Fairy knew the way to our new house..!

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