Friday, 21 March 2014

Busy busy busy

So, onto day two, and we didn't slow down!
We had to go see the schools we had applied to, to schedule in assessments for the kids. We saw three schools, and were told there was spaces for both kids in two of them, yay, so scheduled in their tests for the Thursday. 

Then we went to the car dealer to pay the deposit on my car. It's actually already in the country, but there is still some admin and paperwork to finish off, which shouldn't take too long. Although, I can't actually drive it until I have my local drivers licence, and I won't get that until I have had mine translated - and I also need the Residents Visa to be done. Since it's all in process already, it should all be done by next week I hope. Until then, Nathan will have to drive us around, or if he goes flying - we will have to take taxis!

Of course we also managed some more shopping! There are just so many things to sort out, especially since I sold off most of our stuff back in Brunei and it all needs to get replaced obviously. Although, it's kind of cool getting to start over, because we know exactly what we want, what we used and what we didn't use; so we are only buying things we will be using, and things we did like.
We went to Mushrif Mall which has a huge, and I mean HUGE, Carrefour. THAT my friends, was like being in heaven! Oh my! All that food! All the choices... I was just aimlessly walking around, taking it all in, aisle up and aisle down; randomly buying stuff I was never able to get in Brunei and other yummy, yummy food. Aaahhh!

Back home a little bit earlier that evening, because the kids and I could really feel the (albeit slight) jet lag, and were completely knackered by now. Also, since they were going to have some assessments the following day, they needed to go to bed fairly early.

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