Friday, 7 August 2015

Up up and away!

One afternoon we went down to the club where I used to work, Sain Inn Beach Club. It used to be only a night club, but now it's a hangout/beach club/lounge kind of place during the day; and a night club during the night. Well, as it turned out, it actually operates more or less 24 hrs a day during these busiest months of the summer! Let's just say two mature women with a couple of kids were not really the target group... ha ha.

But we came to say hello to my friend Kostas, who started up this club at the age of 19! I'm very proud of him, he has really created an empire; there still is no other club in Nidri that comes even close to this place. It was then, and still is today THE place to be for the party people - and Kostas sure deserves all that success. He has worked hard for it, always been fair and square and one of the most decent guys I have ever met.

Kostas was the one teaching me who to do bartending, although back then there wasn't all these fancy drinks and cocktails there are now - it was pretty basic, and easy. But mostly fun! Oh my, we did have so much fun! Here's one of the few photos I have from back then, apparently we had some kind of masquerade evening..?

We also went to say hi to Dennis, the guy in charge of the Sail Inn Water Sports, and his Danish wife. Of course, our little daredevil then wanted to try the parachuting, just like she had seen Drew Barrymore do in her current favourite movie 'Blended'. Unfortunately she couldn't go on her own as she wasn't heavy enough, but luckily Erika offered to come with her, so the two of them suited up:

Then off they went, up up and away behind the boat!

Lucas and I were happy just being on the boat. It was supernice just to be out on the water for a bit, and there was no way Lucas was going to try this, ever!

Erika said they had hardly even left the boat, when Linnea said "I want to do this again!". Success!

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