Saturday, 8 August 2015

A night in the Stone Age

We actually spent 24 hours in the Ekehagen Prehistoric Village, as we had booked in to do an overnight in one of their huts!
Three families were staying over this day, and since we were the largest group, we got the biggest hut - the New Stone Age longhouse.

This longhouse is dated to approximately 2000 BC. It's 14 m long and 6 m wide, the roof is made of reeds tied with switches of willow.
This is how it looked like inside:

The best thing with this sleep-over, was that after 5 pm, we had the park to ourselves! Well, together with the two other families, of which we actually only saw one. This meant we could go paddle the log boats as much as we wanted, without having to queue up! Something we did both in the evening, and early the next morning before the park opened again.

We had brought our own food, and it was super cosy to grill our sausages and marshmallows over the open fire.

Neither Linda nor I are big campers. We had all the food we needed, and some, and we had remembered sleeping bags, and luckily enough change of clothes. But, we had forgotten flash lights, so as soon as it went dark - we all had to go to bed. 
We all fell asleep fairly quickly after a full-on busy day in the village, but in the middle of the night one of Linda's boys were sick all over his sleeping bag... so after Linda had cleaned that up, I don't think neither one of us slept especially well, waiting to see if it would happen again.

About 8 am we were all up again, and tried to get the fires back up running, the one inside to get some warmth, and the one outside to cook some breakfast.

As soon as the sun came out again, it was absolutely beautiful!

The sickness aside, we had a really good time, the kids absolutely loved it! Linda and I were glad we persisted all through the night without giving up! (Although I must say, I don't really think camping is my thing... I like comfort!)

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