Saturday, 15 August 2015

A day at Varabadet

I don't know many people anymore in this little town I come from. Most people leave after graduation, to attend university or other higher education elsewhere; start making their life there, and rarely come back. 
This means that when I want to catch up with my friends while I'm home, it usually involves traveling to other areas of Sweden. Occasionally I'm lucky to be able to hang out with some here, if they are back in this area to visit their parents or family; and I also have friends of course, who make the effort and travel to come and see us, here.

One of my school friends live on the other side of Alingsås, some 90 km away. We have been trying to catch up for years, but for different reasons it hasn't quite worked out. This year she came up with the brilliant idea we could meet halfway, which would be Vara. It turns out she happened to know that the outdoor swimming area in Vara was rather good, so we decided to meet there, 40 mins to drive for me, and about 50 for her.

Turned out to be a fantastic idea, what a perfect afternoon we had on Thursday! The kids went off for hours to play, there was a big pool, a shallow pool, three slides and a play area; and us adults could catch up and talk all afternoon. We hardly saw the kids, other than for the ice cream break!


The kids also swam their 200 m for the 'Simborgarmärke', this year it was dark blue and glittery, very pretty!

It was such a good afternoon, we decided to make this into a yearly summer tradition! I'm already looking forward to next time!

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