Friday, 7 August 2015

Out to sea

There are now tons of boats in the harbour of Nidri, offering different daily trips - including a couple of four storey high monster yachts, and some huge sailboats, that are really popular amongst the tourists.
I wanted to go on one of the older boats, to get the more cosy, rustic feel, and I didn't want to go to any beaches on Lefkas itself, I wanted to go around the other islands, Meganissi and Scorpios. So we had to wait all week, until the Sunday, for someone to tick all those boxes - the boat Nikolaus.

It was worth the wait though, we had such an amazingly gorgeous day onboard.
We started by sailing to the Papanikolis Cave, where we sailed in and made a 360 to have a good look.

Selma and her family had come along too, and since it was Selmas birthday the kids got free icecream, and Lucas got on the microphone to ask everybody on the boat to help us sing 'Happy Birthday' for Selma!

We stopped to swim on Red Rock Beach for a little while.

You were allowed to jump from the boat!

Lunch got served on the boat, not as good as the BBQ we used to get on the beach, but still yum.

The kids also had a long chat with the Captain, and got to steer the boat:

We stopped at Vlicho on Meganissi, to have frappe:

And finally we sailed around Scorpios, and got to hear the goss about it's new Russian owner:

What a gorgeous, gorgeous day!

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