Friday, 7 August 2015

Chasing waterfalls

Even though it's not located many kilometers away, we decided to use the car to go and see the Nidri Waterfall. Lefkas was experiencing an unusual heatwave the week we were there, and it was over 40 degrees most days, plus with two kids and an uphill walk - taking the car was the best option.
The Waterfall outside Nidri used to be a bit of a secret spot, where the locals would go to cool down. Eventually a little kiosk was built by the parking area, but you still had to climb across the rocks to get all the way up to the waterfall itself.
Now, there is a huges snack bar with "Happy Hour", a cleared and even in some places paved path with handrails to hold on to, and a LOT more people too! It was hard work trying to get some photos to picture the beauty of this place, without getting too many other people in the shot.

Lucas was really brave and dove into the ice cold water. Linnea took a little bit longer, but she eventually got in too. Erika and I were happy just dipping our feet..!

After our hot trip to the Waterfall, we went to get an afternoon snack. Nutella crêpe, mmm!

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