Sunday, 30 August 2015

50 shades of beige

So we are back. In the land of sand.

We landed late Friday night after an uneventful trip. A nice and short seven hour day flight, easy peasy. I watched a couple of movies and enjoyed some tasty food, kids were entertained with their iPads and movies as well. Time went by no problem.
Immigration upon arrival is a doddle thanks to the e-gate and all our luggage was there when we came down to the belts. House was still clean (last time we came back from holidays there had been a sand storm, and everything was covered in thin dust), all four suitcases are already unpacked, laundry has been done and all the school stuff has been prepared.

Kids are happy to be home in our own house and with our own things. They've caught up with all their little friends in the compound and are ready for school to start tomorrow. Well, Lucas had Orientation for a couple of hours this morning already, as he is starting Middle School, but the first proper day is tomorrow.

Me? I feel... blergh.
Our garden has completely died (we suspect an irrigation failure) and it's all an ugly, brown, dull mess outside my window; both in our own garden but also on the other side of the wall and all over this neighbourhood. New constructions and road works going on everywhere. It's all dusty and beige.

I've realized I need living things around me, nature, trees, lawns, fields - I need GREEN.
I can't live life cooped up inside my house, no matter how much I like my home.

I also feel lonely.
Kids have school, friends and activities. Nathan has work, currently with new challenges, and friends. Me, I would've thought my life would roll on nicely too by now, as we've done a full year, and some. But actually, I feel like I'm back to square one and am starting from the very beginning again.
A huge chunk of the people I used to hang out with left for good this summer, Swedish School still have issues so nobody knows when it'll start up again; and I'm working hard on finding somewhere to teach Zumba, but it's not easy logistically with the family and no help.
I have all the intentions of making things happen for myself, but truthfully right now it all feels a bit heavy, like a huge uphill, and I'm not sure where to start. One day at a time I guess.

Anyway. We are back. Bring on the next beige year.

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  1. Oh Boel min, vi har alle slike danger. I try to see the crap days as really appreciate the good days when they are here. Lots of love to you!