Friday, 7 August 2015


We made friends with another Swedish family at the hotel, and one afternoon they offered to look after the kids, while Erika and I took a last drive with the car. We wanted to go up and see the Faneromeni Monastery, which wasn't going to be too interesting for the kids; plus Lucas got car sick driving on the small, winding roads, so they were better off staying playing by the pool.

The Faneromeni Monastery was another stop we made on our bus tour around the island back in the day. Erika asked if I remembered any of the guide facts, but I was completely blank. Neither did I actually recognise much of it, as they had refurbished, renovated and extended it. It now has a new wing of cells, a new gathering area and a library. In the garden they have a lot of different animals, and a viewing point over Lefkas Town. It was very pretty. 

This Monastery is one of the most significant monuments of the island, and the only monastery still in residence. 

The view from the side of the Monastery, over Lefkas Town:

Some of all the animals:

After our visit to the Monastery, we decided to drive across the island, and left the west coast, to drive in to the middle via the village of Karia, and back to Nidri. It took a little while longer than expected due to the narrow roads, and the many times we had to stop for Kodak moments!

This view... Takes my breath away, every time... So pretty...

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