Monday, 31 August 2015

Day 1

The kids were more than ready to get back to school this morning. It's been a long and lovely holiday, but they have been missing their friends, and I think also by the end of the summer, some sort of routine.
They were both very giddy and excited this morning, for their first day back. Linnea was happy to discover that her best friend Grace is still in the same class and Lucas went off to the Middle School buildings to meet his Advisory teacher and group.

Still happy faces at pickup, with lots to tell me.
Lucas was excited to be in Orange House, one of his favourite colours. He still didn't get a locker (which has been one of the things he has looked forward to the most), but his schedule. In Middle School they do alternate weeks... hmmm, that's going to demand an on-the-ball-Mum..!
Linnea was excited to get a male teacher again this year, AND - he is from New Zealand! Awesome!

A good start to the year!

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