Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Star families

Kids generally tend to go through life pretty carefree and oblivious to things that don't directly affect or regard them. We have noticed lately that Lucas have started to become very aware of his surroundings, other people, what happens and goes on around him. I guess he is growing up, and is becoming increasingly aware. He has a lot of questions about everything, as you do - if you don't ask, you'll never know!
This holiday for example, we have had quite a few questions arise around family constellations outside the normal "Mum-Dad-and-Kids"-model. In Sweden we call these families "Star families"; families that are made up out of, for example "your kids, my kids and our kids" and/or other extended family members.

A perfect example is the family of one of my cousins, who we met in the playground the other day. His oldest daughter, same age as Linnea, is from a previous relationship, and he also has two younger daughters from his current marriage. He had also brought to the playground this day his two younger half-brothers, 7 and 9 years old, his father's children from his new marriage. (I'm not sure what Lucas thought was most confusing, the fact that they were younger than their own niece, that they were named Tom and Tim or that they didn't even ressemble my cousin the slightest! Ha ha!)

In the end of course, it didn't matter how anybody were related, or not, - everybody played "Cops and Robbers" and had lots of fun!

Little Lotta, in a shirt that used to be - mine!

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