Friday, 7 August 2015


Every Wednesday used to be boat trip day with Spies/Tjæreborg, for many years. I could see in the program that it had changed now, but back then, this was the most popular trip we did. Usually we would fill one boat, and have two reps onboard: one Scandinavian and one Finnish speaking. But occasionally, we would need two boats, or even three! 
I loved those trips, sailing into the Papanikolis Cave, having BBQ on the beach, and circumsailing the famous island of Scorpios telling the guests all the juicy gossip and stories about the Onassis family.

The boat we used to sail on was the Magdalena. Christos and his wife Effie were the young couple owning the boat, he was the Captain and she was in charge of the snack bar onboard. They also always brought their Mums, who cooked us the BBQ while on the beach. Sweet memories.
Christos and Effie have now sold their precious Magdalena and instead started up another business, a hotel and a power boat rental.
We went to see them, and also got to meet their eldest daughter:

They had hardly changed one bit, and Effie still remembered some of the Swedish phrases we had taught her. How good to see them again!

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