Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Gofika and other trends

I find it amusing every year to do a little trendspotting while I'm in Scandinavia. It seems like Scandinavians, and especially Swedes, are particularly trend sensitive and super quick at jumping on the latest in-things. Mind you, this is not necessarily a good thing... 
Nowhere else is it as easy to spot what's hot at the moment, as here - it almost becomes a uniform, especially for the younger population.

So, what's in this year?
The leggings layered with skirts and dresses is a trend that is still very much going strong, unfortunately. I just don't get it, it really is one of my pet hates. What's wrong with just a skirt? Or if it's too cold - trousers? Mind you, it's been popular for so long now it's can't really be called a trend anymore I guess, it's become a part of Swedish summer style.
The very thin duvet jackets have gained huge popularity this summer, out of necessity I guess, due to the mostly cold summer weather. I  have one too, but I didn't bring it on this holiday. Only thing that looks a bit funny is when they get paired with shorts..?
The "Teskedsgummeknut" (a messy hairbun on the top of the head) seems to be the hairstyle of the summer. I have seen it absolutely everywhere, worn both by women and men with longer hair. I don't mind it, looks cute, but when four-five friends in a group put their hair up exactly the same way, it does look a bit silly.
"Gofika" is another new concept since I was home last. Apparently it's a nicer kind of "fika", store bought cake etc. Well, I don't quite get that label either, I mean isn't all fika good fika? In a normal diet, it should be anyway, as it should be a treat.

Anyhow, yesterday we went to the café Skogshyddan in Lidköping to celebrate the wedding anniversary. 
No, Nathan and I really haven't spent many of our anniversaries together unfortunately; usually the kids and I are on summer holiday away, and Nathan back home working. It still deserves to get celebrated though by the kids and I - and Nathan and I will have to celebrate it together too, when we reunite later this month.

We did buy some "gofika", but I was terribly off trend still, with a summer dress so short that a "normal" Swede definitely would've chosen to wear leggings under! I felt like a rebel!

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