Friday, 7 August 2015


We decided to drive a car for a few days during the holiday, since it's only 100 k to drive around the whole island, and some of the prettier beaches are on the other side. On the Wednesday we drove across to the top west coast, to Kathisma.

Just before you hit Kathisma, by the little village Agios Nikitas, there is a nice view from the top of the mountain over a long stretch of the coast. We stopped to take some photos, as the sea here is incredibly blue, green and turquoise. This was always my favourite spot when I did the "Around the island"-excursion when I was a rep. Just look at these colours:

Kathisma was as beautiful as ever, although where there used to be only one restaurant - now there are three rows of sunbeds and umbrellas, some rastafari guys selling bracelets, sunglasses and other gadgets and offering to do hair braids on the beach; multiple restaurants and even a couple of beach bar hangouts blaring out loud music.
We stuck to our daily 'horiatiki', and some 'calamares' (= fried squid). Super yum!

The kids were initially not all impressed with the stoney beach, as it hurt their feet. But they quickly made up a fun game burying each other under huge piles of gravel.

Only a few days into the holiday and we all got a nice tan! We did sunbathe responsibly though, we actually managed to use up one and a half bottle of sunscreen during the week!
In the evening the kids decided to use some of the pocketmoney Nathan had given them. Linnea bought herself a new backpack, and Lucas some cool sunnies.

Looking so grown up!

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