Monday, 20 June 2022


This weekend I finally got to experience the brunch at Zuma, one of the best brunches around. It has been on the bucket list for a very long time, ever since our dinner there a few years back, but we have never managed to make it happen. Until now!
Brunching outfit, new dress and hand-embroidered hairband from India, my new obsession:

The brunch at Zuma is a little bit different to the normal brunches around here. At Zuma you don't have to leave your table, all the food is brought to you. Less of the decadence, more a fine dining feeling. First a selection of appetizers, that you share, and can repeat, as much as you want:

It never ended, the plates kept coming, with hot and cold dishes, sushi and sashimi, oysters and other delicacies; and it all tasted fantastic. Flushed down with non-stop prosecco, of course!

You each choose a main course, and even though by now we were extremely full and content, we all went for the famous Zuma signature dish, the 'Black Cod', and it was absolutely divine:

And can you imagine, we actually also managed some dessert! Well, we had to, didn't we - when it was presented this beautifully?

What a spectacularly fantastic brunch! Good food, good company! The perfect goodbye to Frida and Petra, oh how I will miss them here in the sandpit..!

Once I got home and had washed off the makeup and changed into something more comfortable, I spent the rest of the evening here; with sparkling water instead of prosecco, feet up and 'The Bold Type' on TV! Such a good Saturday!

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