Sunday, 10 December 2017

A better plan B

Apart from the famous and fantastic Friday Brunches, there are many spectacular events happening in this city. The kind of events that are once-in-a-lifetime events to tick off your bucket list.
Last year I read about one such event, only happening once a month during the winter season - The Helipad Sunset Supper at the St Regis Hotel. It's supposed to be a rather unique experience with world-class food, champagne sabering ritual, live music and of course sensational views from the helipad at 255 m up in the air..!

I had been on the waiting list since March, when I finally got some spots at this months event. We booked on together with four other friends, organized babysitter and rejoiced ourselves immensely to finally get to enjoy this unusual happening.

But can you believe it, while we waited to go up to the helipad, the skies got all gloomy and grey, the wind picked up... and... it started raining!! What are the odds?!
So, obviously, and rightly so too, they made the decision to cancel the event... Ah, shame for us, but we quickly made a plan B and managed to get a table at Zuma a few hours later. We took a cab over to the Rosewood to go enjoy an aperitif, or two, at the "secret bar" - The Dragons Tooth.

Not completely secret, but certainly more hidden than the "Hidden Bar" in the same hotel, where we went for my birthday earlier this year.

We enjoyed some really cool handcrafted drinks, before it was time to go across to Zuma.

Zuma certainly was an experience in itself. O-a-w!

Nathan and I had never been before but heard much about it. I ended up basically enjoying my dinner eyes closed, just savouring every bite of the food; I nearly clapped my little hands at every mouthful..! It was so, so delicious.

After the fabulous dinner we returned downstairs for a nightcap, and some more experimental drinks. Oh my, we had such a great night! Plan Bs rock!!

Hopefully we get another chance at the Helipad Sunset Supper event in the new year!

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