Wednesday, 23 February 2022

Roles reversed

Lucas has been driving a lot lately, both cars, with both of us. He drove us all the way home from Dubai and the Expo2020 last week and wherever else we have gone together.
Yesterday he took Linnea to school and back by himself, as both Nathan and I were home with no plans and we didn't need both cars at home. He had been dying to do that, so good to get that out of the way!

We have also sent him on some smaller solo expeditions, and - have finally got some pay back for all the times we have been running taxi-business... getting him to drop us off and pick us up from nights out!

The other day I was at a birthday celebration (by the way, isn't it the sign of the times when the party invitation reads '48h PCR required'..!?) and coming home, it was totally roles reversed in our WhatsApp convo... ha ha! Love it!

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