Thursday, 6 January 2022


Another post without photos, as nothing really has been going on this week... which by the way feels never-ending! We still have a whole day left now with the "new" week! Sure Fridays are only half days as school finish at 12pm, but that still means we have another early morning before it's time for TGIF.

I haven't worked all week. Omicron has certainly affected society here, just as everywhere, and it feels like everything has slowed down again. So I sit here at home, prepare for future tours and keep up with the studying for my Uni-courses. But it's rather lonely and boring, I certainly suffer from feeling completely underwhelmed at the moment. Since the kids have been home as well doing school via e-learning, it feels like we are back in lockdown again, where the only different thing each day is what we are having for dinner.
Even the weather is grey. Ever since New Year we have had quite funny January weather, with both rain, wind, chills and grey skies.
Not that I mind, suits the general mood. Blergh.

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