Friday, 14 January 2022


We are two weeks into the new term, and have ended what should have been the home schooling start. But helas, and to NO surprise at all, home schooling has been extended another week. Well, in a way it was surprising actually, because of the wording in a survey that came out to all school parents this week, everyone thought the announcement was going to be until the end of the month. Maybe they are just trying to give us hope by extending one week at a time... Sigh.

This week for me has been a real roller coaster mood wise. I am super happy living life when things are happening, had a great Game Night Monday night, a lovely lunch date Tuesday, passed my yearly renewal exam for the Louvre Abu Dhabi and worked on Wednesday; and yesterday went for a few drinks to celebrate one of our friends' birthday.
But in between that, I'm mostly laying on the sofa or on the bed, waiting, staring out the window, contemplating this lock down feeling, making time pass - wasting life. Blergh.

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