Tuesday, 4 January 2022

647 days

So, I have fallen off the exercise wagon. Not just fallen off, but fallen off it, set fire to it and bought croissants with the insurance money, ha ha..! It's been two weeks since I have moved in any kind of intentional way, other than around my house.
I'm actually surprised at how fast that happened.

I think they say it takes 20 days to create a new habit? Well, I kept at it for 647 days. And then, I didn't.
I lost my streak on our travel day back to Abu Dhabi from Sweden just before Christmas. For those of you with Apple Watches, that was 647 days in a row I had closed the red ring, which means having done some kind of exercise for a minimum of 30 minutes a day. 647 days!
On that travel day, I was 19 calories off closing it when we landed here in Abu Dhabi late in the evening. Silly me I changed the time zone on my watch without thinking, and - boom, we were into the next day and I had missed that days goal! Aaarrrghhh!

So, bummer. But then I didn't really get back into it, at all. I thought maybe "after Christmas", and then I thought, "in the new year"... and now I'm wondering - what happened? How was that habit so easy to break?
Still. Six hundred and forty seven days. Pretty impressive huh!

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