Saturday, 1 January 2022

1st January 2022 Covid status

 Oh my - Happy New Year... or something...

Wasn't December an 'interesting' month? It started with new daily cases in the 60s - and ended with new daily cases well in the 2500s - Hello Omicron, welcome to the UAE...

I anxiously kept a close eye on all the developments while I was in Sweden, obviously worrying about any looming shut-downs, new quarantine rules or other change in the restrictions which would affect our return trip. Luckily, as you know, we made it back without any hitches - hallelujah.
Although while we were gone, the border between Dubai and Abu Dhabi got reinstated, in a way. First if you wanted to cross into the emirate, they started scanning you with the new EDE scanners (which measure alterations in the electromagnetic waves). It only takes a few seconds, but if the EDE detects any potential Covid infection, you immediately get sent for an antigen test at the border; and if that then is positive - you get to home quarantine with the pretty bracelet for 10 days. On the 30 December border rules got further tightened with the need to have a green Al Hosn (takes a PCR-test every 14 days to keep it that way) as well.

Other than this, a new Green List was announced on Boxing Day (New Zealand is now off it), and we also now need a max 7-day old PCR to enter government buildings, which for me means - to go to work. Deep joy.
I'm not sure how many more rounds of this I can take.

Here are todays numbers:
* 2556 new cases from 463,616 tests. Worldwide Covid-cases have crossed 288 M people.
* 1 new death brings the total UAE death toll to 2165. Globally, more than 5,4 M people have now died from Covid.
* In the last 24 hours 36,384 doses of Covid-19 vaccine was administered, bringing the total of vaccine doses given close to a whopping 22,7M; and 92.13% of the population is now fully vaccinated (and 100% is reported to have received one dose).

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