Monday, 21 September 2020


On the weekend Linnea and I really wanted to get out of the house for a bit, to get some air and some sun; so we decided to go to Yas Waterworld for the afternoon as we still have our Annual Passes.

Yas Waterworld and the other theme parks on Yas Island opened up again in the summer, of course with a lot of restrictions in place to keep all visitors and staff safe. Some more understandable than others, like the signage all over the park to remind you to keep distance, contactless payments encouraged, all sun beds being placed at a distance from each other and with green tics when they have been sanitized etc.

You get a waterproof face mask to wear while at the park, although PA announcements keep reminding you to take it off when you are on a ride, or in the water. Not sure it then makes a difference really. It also felt even more unsanitary seeing people constantly fiddling with their masks, non-stop putting them on and taking them off, keeping them by their neck, on their arm or even in their hair while they were going on rides or going swimming... 

Ah well, you do what you gotta do of course and we wore our masks when needed. Yes, it was still a bit hot, but winter is coming, the weather is getting more and more bearable each day, yay!

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