Monday, 14 September 2020

Mid-September 2020 Covid status

I thought, as a time document, I should note down maybe once or twice a month about the Covid-status at the moment. I should probably have done it at the beginning of the month, but hey I was busy quarantining, so I'm starting now instead!

So, at the moment here in UAE (or sometimes specifically Abu Dhabi, as there are actually different rules for Abu Dhabi and the other six emirates) things are like this:

* 777 new cases, from 61,084 tests. The UAE has conducted 8M+ tests since the beginning of the pandemic. Today's total number of infected is 80,266, with 399 deaths. Global cases stand at 28,9M. These statistics gets reported in the media daily.
* It is mandatory to wear a face mask when out and about.
* Temperature is scanned upon entering anywhere, shops, restaurants, medical facilities, offices, hotels etc.
* You can not be more than 3 people in a car, unless you are family.
* You can visit the theme parks, the mall, restaurants and certain museums - all with restrictions in place of course.
* If at a restaurant, café or a pub you can be a maximum of four people at each table.
* Social gatherings are still limited to 1st and 2nd degree family only.
* To enter the emirate of Abu Dhabi you need to provide a negative COVID-test, not older than 48 hours. And six days later take another test.
* If you are arriving into AD from overseas you have to quarantine for 14 days.
* Only primary school students go to school (this is AD specific), secondary students have started the term with four weeks of e-learning from home.

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