Wednesday, 23 September 2020

Morning tea time

This morning I had asked a new friend of mine if she was keen on trying out a new offer of 'Mummy Breakfast' (yeah, don't get me started about the ridiculous name...) at one of the country clubs close by.
We started our feast at 10 am and 3,5 hours later we were still there..!

It was lovely, almost normal, as you don't need the face masks while you are at your table. We had been placed with a great view of the golf course, the chairs were plush and comfy and the morning tea set they brought us was delicious.
One of the restrictions we are still living by here in the UAE is that we are more than welcome to sit together (four at a table max) and enjoy a meal, a coffee or a drink in restaurants, coffee shops and pubs; but we are not allowed to have the same four people around our own dinner table in our homes, as "no gatherings allowed". Ah well, you do what you gotta do - so Morning Tea at the posh hotel it is!

Lots of coffee and lots of talking later I left full of yummy food and positive energy for the rest of the week. In these times, it becomes more and more clear what is important - good friends, easy conversations and face-to-face time together with people.

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