Friday, 4 September 2020

Two more days

Two more days left of the home quarantine. Argh... it sure has dragged out a bit these last few days... I was rather positive up until day nine, but then I became crazy bored all of a sudden and the last few days have been suuuper long.
Probably because school started this week so my days became that much longer (getting up at 7 am); and also because when school started everyone else all of a sudden had things to do and a purpose with their days, apart from me.

I have been getting through these two weeks by doing pretty much the same things I was doing before the summer: exercising, reading, scrolling internet and watching TV; all in the same monotonously routinely way as before.
I have also been blogging about the summer and finished off and ordered my blog book for 2019/2020. That's a project I always enjoy.
I have organised and booked in a string of different appointments next week, for all of us, dentist, hairdresser, window cleaners etc; and I have been shopping for things online. Not only groceries, but new scales as the old ones broke the first day I was back, a new rug for the hallway and other bits and pieces from IKEA. I've ordered the special coffee beans we use, some new reusable face masks, tons of books etc. Grateful for efficient home deliveries.


I've been ordering books - because my new Uni-course started this week. I'm continuing my Art History studies with the next level - Konstvetenskap B - at Uppsala University. This time the course is done on part-time, so there is only one lecture a week and it'll not end until the summer. But with this course done, I will have a 'Filosofie Kandidatexamen (=Bachelor of Arts) in French, with Art History. Exciting!

I got a bit sad today when a friend asked what the first thing will be I'll do when I'm allowed out; because I don't know. It's too hot to be outside, and go to the mall - no thank you. Maybe I'll go for a coffee and do some people watching at some café, just so I can get dressed in something else than comfy clothing, and maybe even put a face on..! Maybe I'll just go for a long, long drive around town.

It's also made me sad since coming home, to realise that things here are just the same as they were before the summer. Having gone away and had a break made me feel like there would be improvements by now, but no. These past six months - it's just all blurring together, a long string of same-same days:
The kids are still e-learning at home, there is still (nor will there be anytime soon) no work for me; the Abu Dhabi borders are still closed (and even more difficult to cross), masks are still worn everywhere and we still have limitations and restrictions on having people over. The endlessness of this situation is so depressing. Not being able to plan anything, or dare to even dream about things changing when the future is feeling like a black hole is dispiriting. I've realised I suck at this one-day-at-a-time thinking.
The only silver lining is that the weather at least will get better in the next few months.

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