Wednesday, 26 December 2018

On school break

We are almost two weeks into our 3 1/2 week long school break and it seems like we will be spending it all in the UAE this year. Travel plans have come and gone, but in the end... well... I don't know... we are still here. I must admit, I haven't had the travel bug as I normally do every few months. This is the best time of the year to spend here in the sandpit after all, so why not stay and enjoy it.
I just didn't want the kids to spend every waking minute on their screens...

And how did that go? Well... It hasn't been as bad as I expected but neither as I had hoped and planned. Some days they happily come away out of the house, some days it all seems like a lost battle... They do go outside and play quite a bit with the neighbourhood kids, and especially Linnea has been very good at coming up with other things to do, off screens. I just love seeing her being creative, involving the younger kids in everything from fort building to story telling and bracelet making:

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