Wednesday, 12 December 2018

Linda & Stefan Day 3

We continued our outdoor adventures also on the Thursday, with another sporty excursion while the kids were at school.
There is a new area in the city where you can go running and biking safely. It's an island where special tracks are constructed so you don't have to navigate any other traffic - Al Hudayirat Island.

I have been wanting to explore it for a while, so I was excited. We brought three of our bikes, and rented one for Linda.

I took the opportunity to do some guiding of the skyline:

Great views of Al Bateen and Al Akhdar Island from this side of the water.

After our ride, it was nice to go get changed and hit the beach. For the time being the beach here is an open public beach, and the water was beautiful.
We had lunch at one of the many food trucks already in place, but we also talked to a man who worked there and he said they are also planning an outdoor cinema. There was also tennis courts under construction and I am looking forward to see what else they will develop here.

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