Wednesday, 12 December 2018

Linda & Stefan Day 4

Day four was a Friday, and what do you do with first-time visitors on a Friday? You brunch of course! This time it was all Christmas-themed, of course. Linda & Stefan fit right in with the luxurious decorations, they looked like movie stars!

Nathan unfortunately had to work, and the kids didn't want to come this time, but the three of us hit the Fairmont, as that's always a safe bet both when it comes to good food and that certain wow factor.

All the food was delicious as always. I especially enjoyed the oysters this time, so fresh.

After our brunch we continued into town for a bit of sightseeing, as we were perfectly dressed for a visit to the gorgeous Emirates Palace. But first a bit of a photo session at sunset:

They were about to construct their Christmas tree in the atrium. Apparently it will be the largest Christmas tree in town. I'll have to come back to see it dressed.

We also went to visit the Swiss Christmas Market at the Rotana Beach Hotel. It's on every year but I have never made it before. There was a lot of interesting stalls, and Linda & Stefan did some gift shopping for the kids back home.

It was all so very cosy, next year I'll bring the whole family and enjoy the whole evening here. Linda, Stefan and I felt rather done after a long day of brunching, sightseeing and shopping by now, so we went back home after having browsed the market.

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