Friday, 14 December 2018

Lucia 2018

This year the Lucia Celebrations at the Ambassador's Residence took place on the actual day for Lucia, 13th December.

The Ambassador and his wife had invited the Swedish community as per usual, and there was also other more official guests and business relations. This was our fifth Lucia celebrations here and as every year it was full of atmosphere and coziness.

They served up so many goodies, lussebullar, pepparkakor glögg and skumtomtar of course; and meatballs, chocolates, mandarins, cold cuts and candy canes as well.

Linnea took part in the Lucia procession again, but this year not in the traditional maiden dress. She was there more as a helper for the little ones, and support during the singing. They had arranged for a microphone though, which made a huge difference. We heard all the singing and the verses so well. All the kids were amazing as always, and heart strings were heavily tugged... ♥︎

Happy Lucia from us!

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  1. Efter en perfekt guidning, utan västgötaklimax, hittade jag din blogg på nätet. Intressant att få en glimt av "vardagslivet" i värmen. Tack för några givande timmar. Ha de bra och en skön helg framöver.🤗