Wednesday, 26 December 2018

Christmas Day 2018

The kids very patiently waited Christmas morning, until the adults were up and had got their coffee ready. There was so many presents under the tree, I don't know what happened...

This is the face of someone really excited, waiting to see our reactions having chosen all by herself some great gifts for us:

Daddy got a Batman mug and some new Batman socks:

And I got a beautiful book I'm looking forward to reading:

Lucas got fewer but bigger and more expensive gifts, a couple of new games, new gaming headphones, a gaming subscription and an American football:

Both the kids got Airpods, and "intelligent" toothbrushes. They are connected to an app via wi-fi, so no more cheating on the brushing! 

Linnea got some baking things, jewellery, stationary, a netball, clothes and other little things she likes:

We had Christmas Lunch together with our ex-neighbours Chad, Kristen and Aiden who had come up from Dubai, and a couple of their friends with some family visiting:

We sat outside so we could enjoy not just the turkey lunch but the sun:

Merry Christmas from the Watsons!

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