Wednesday, 21 November 2018

The Little Lunch Trip - Korea

The SWEA group has added a new happening in their monthly program, called 'The Little Lunch Trip'. It's supposed to be a reoccurring lunch meet, at a different country's restaurant every month. First time was today and the first stop was - Korea!

We started in the shop part, where they had all sort of exciting things! Some we knew what it was, others were a bit more indefinable...

Then we moved over to the restaurant. It was very small, only about just fit our group and four other customers! We ordered a bunch of different things and passed it around the table to share.

It was all really tasty, even the spicier stuff. It didn't just burn in your mouth, it was just full of flavour. I really enjoyed it, might go back some day!

Next time they are going to a vegetarian South Indian restaurant to eat dosai. I really hope it'll be scheduled on a day I can come along!

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